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OBELISC comes at the family's heep with a full package of funeral services. In the 1st place, we offer a mortuary and we take care that all the documents, the burial documents, the decease certificate are being taken care of and, whenever necessary, we intermediate the papers for the tomb. The funeral ceremony is entirely taken care trough us, putting at the family's disposal all the necessary materials: coffins,slabs, crosses, towels, handkerchieves, candles, urns. We also provide the traditional plates for the funeral ceremony and those chained to it. OBELISC helps with the entire funeral planing, providing as well a funeral transportation mean, inside and outside the country's boundaries. As for the paying concerns, we take care of the entire documentation to cashing the allowance from the allowance office, which means that the family could as well be able to pay afterwards, because we put relieving the family's pain during these tragic moments first.