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There comes a moment in every one's life when we have to say goodbye to this world, to our beloved ones, and prepare for another life, beside God, a better life in a different world wich, eventually, is the last destination for all of us, sooner or later. Those who are left behind in sadness and suffering with the sweet memory of the one they lost should find the strenght,in these moments of grief, to walk him on the last journey of life. The funeral ceremony is a difficult, sorrowful event, but demanding a good organization.

This is where our company, OBELISC, comes to ease the sour taste of the lost the family suffered, trough the services we offer, by taking over all the tasks that such an event involves.

Our company dates since 1994 and has 2 working spots. It came out 11th in the national competition and the 3rd on county level, only to emphasize the success and recognition we stand for. Our company is amongst the fewest with experience in trips to/from aboard. In other words, we are a skilled company, offering our clients professional services and products, accomplishing all the demands towards the ceremony.